Earplugs are for more than sleeping

One of the challenges with traveling in countries like India is the unexpected cacophony of daily life. Blaring horns are often the rule and not the exception. For most western travelers, this constant and noisy backdrop can quickly become an added stressor that can affect not only our travel experience but also our wellbeing.

Travel Tip: When traveling by open-air vehicles like the rickshaws or tuk tuks common in Asia for more than a few kilometers or in especially congested areas, wear earplugs. They provide a momentary buffer from one of the many environmental assaults you may face while moving about.

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4 Replies to “Earplugs are for more than sleeping”

  1. Nice site – and thanks for the visit.

    I wear earplugs while flying as well. I can sleep easier, crying babies and converstations are muffled – and you when you remove them you realize how loud the drone of an aircraft really is. (Same goes for airports blaring loud announcements and CNN everywhere…)

    all the best — James

  2. Most of the suggestions for earplugs here have been good. Ultimately, I found little difference in sound-blocking between a lot of these choices, as the biggest issue for me, and probably for others is comfort and sleeping position. The softest foam ones are the most comfortable for me, as anything that sticks out or is firm becomes a problem when I sleep on my side.

  3. You are definitely right Jobelle, it depends on the comfort.. I choose earplugs that doesn’t affect or disrupt my sleep.. I hate it when I wake up, then I can feel pain on my ears.. too annoying.. Great post.. If you have time, do tell me what earplugs you used..

  4. awesome post There’s no doubt that they provide an excellent response in all kinds of situations, from loud neighbors to aircraft noise. But, you must take into account that on the whole, the size of these earplugs means they are largely suitable for men – so they might not fit everyone

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